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Vidyomax Help Page

Keremiya | Created on 19-03-2015 | Updated on 31-8-2015

I have read the help page but I still need help!

If you are not able to find the answers for your questions on this page, please contact us. [email protected] / en.keremiya.com/support

Vidyomax Documentation

  1. Setup
  2. Demo Settings and Content
  3. Theme Settings and Usage
  4. FAQ Troubleshooting
  5. Changelog

1. Setup

Installing a Theme

Make sure that Wordpress v4.0 or later is installed before installing a theme.You can also install Wordpress free of charge. WordPress.org. Now you can begin installing theme with one of the two methods:

1. Installing Through Wordpress
  • Go to Wordpress Admin Appearance -> Themes page.
  • Click on "Add New" button on the themes page.
  • Now, click on "Install Theme" button.
  • Choose the theme file and click on Install Now button.
If installation through Wordpress fails, try the method explained below.
2. Install Through FTP

Activating a Theme

When you install a Wordpress theme, it need to be activated through administration panel.If you installed the theme, navigate to Appearance -> Themes, find Vidyomax theme and click on activate link.

Theme Settings

After you activate the theme, "Keremiya Panel" will be visible. Click on "Save Changes" button in order to save the changes that you make. Additionally, if you want to go back to the old settings, you need to click on "Reset Settings" button.

Theme Update

There are two ways to update: Via Wordpress or via FTP.

Important: Don't forget creating a backup before the update. (Backup)
1.) Updating via Wordpress
  • Go to "Appearance > Themes" and activate a different theme temporarily.
  • Click on "Delete" button to delete the theme.
  • Install your new theme file via Wordpress, again. (Check)
2.) Updating via FTP.

Click on this link and follow the instructions.

2. Demo Content

With this demo content, it may be easier for you to learn how to use the theme. Sample videos, pages, categories etc. exist in this content.

Important: Go to Settings -> Media page and deactivate the option Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.
  • Click on Wordpress option from Tools -> Import section. Install the Wordpress Importer Plugin.
  • Click on Browse button and find demo.xml file in the help folder, choose and install it.

Theme Settings and Usage

This section contains information about theme settings. View if you are experiencing problems or want to know more about usage.


Recent Videos
Homepage -> Homepage Appearance => Recent Videos

This option enables the most recent videos to be shown on the homepage.

Home Builder
Homepage -> Homepage Appearance => Home Builder

With this option, you can arrange the videos that will be shown on the homepage as you wish.

Adding Video

  1. Adding via VidyoPanel
  2. Adding via Nextpage (<!--nextpage-->)
  3. Adding via Content Section
Usage of Vidyopanel

With VidyoPanel, you can add videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo automatically.

Important: It is suggested that descriptions for the videos are added to the "Content" section. (Sample Image)
Adding via "Youtube"
Adding via "Vimeo"
Adding via "Dailymotion"
Adding via "other"
Usage of Nextpage

If you want to create pages within videos, please view this section.

Önemli: It is suggested that descriptions for the videos are added to the "Content" section. (Sample Image)
Önemli: View this image if you cannot find "excerpt" section. (Image)
<!--title:Tab 1--> Tab 1 Content <!--nextpage--><!--title:Tab 2--> Tab 2 Content <!--nextpage--><!--title:Tab 3--> Tab 3 Content
Sample Image
Adding via Content Section

Except VidyoPanel, you can add video as shown in this image.

Page Templates

There are 7 templates in Vidyomax themes. These templates are automatically preconditioned during the theme activation.

Settings Template

Enables you to create a page from which members can edit their videos, passwords and information.

Login Template

Enables you to create a page from which members can login.

Register Template

Enables you to create a page from which new members can register.

Activation Template

A template for your newly registered members to activate their accounts.

Videos Template

A page template for you to list all the videos on your website.

Video Upload Template

A page template that enables users to upload video to your website.

Contact Template

A page template that enables users to get in contact with you.

Navigation / Menu Settings



Nextpage Title

  • id = Player id
  • file = File URL
  • image = Image URL

    [player id="jw" file="" image=""] [player id="custom" file="" image=""]

    Sidebar and Widgets

    + Vidyomax Videos

    With this plugin, you can list videos on the sidebar.

    + Vidyomax Comments

    With this plugin, you can list comments on the sidebar.

    Theme Language and Translation

    Vidyomax has 5 languages as Turkish, English, German and Spanish. To add a different language, or to edit the existing ones, view this section.

    Adding Another Language
    1. Find the file named as "original.php" located in the "lang" folder. This is the existing language file of the theme. Translation content can be found in it.
    2. Save the "language code" of the language, that you want to add, as a .php file. For example: English, en_EN.php
    3. To activate the new language, change website language via "Wordpress Admin > Settings > General => Website Language".
    Editing the Existing Languages

    Open the language file, that you want to edit, from the Vidyomax, "lang" folder. Add the appropriate equivalents to the existing language file.

    'Paylaş' => 'Add the equivalent here', 'Anasayfa' => 'Add the equivalent here',
    Important: The words that you will add must be between apostrophes' ' or quotation marks " ". If you make a mistake, the language file may be corrupted.
  • 5. Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

    I get 404 error on profile/member pages?

    Follow these steps to fix this problem.
    1. Go to "Wordpress Admin > Settings > Permalinks".
    2. Now, click on "Save Changes" button.

    Emails are not sent via pages like contact etc.?

    There may be different reasons if email is not delivered.
    • Email might come to the SPAM folder.
    • You might have entered wrong email address from KeremiyaPanel.
    • Your server may not have PHPMail support. You can contact your hosting provider.
    • Your hosting provider may not allow sending emails to some email providers (like gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com etc.). You should contact your hosting provider.

    SEO Plugins and Vidyomax?

    If you will use any SEO plugin, disable the "Vidyomax SEO Settings".

    How to add an image to the profile?

    Wordpress works integratedly with Gravatar for member avatars. Register to Gravatar.com with the same email address that you used to register to your website. After you register to Gravatar, login and upload your picture. After a short time, your picture will be shown in both your Theme Profile page and your comments.


    = 1.3 - 31.8.2015 * Added: Homebuilder Popular Widget * Update: Vidyomax Videos Widget * Bug Fixes and Improvements = 1.2 - 7.8.2015 * Bug Fixes and Improvements = 1.1 - 14.7.2015 * Added: Home slider. * Renewed: Ajax live search * Fixed: Some css errors (max, mix, dark, light) * Fixed: Language errors (en, tr) = 1.0 - 31.3.2015 * First release.