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Movifox Help Page

Keremiya | Created on 1-09-2020 | Updated on 1-09-2020

I read help page but still need help!

If you can't get answer to you questions on this page, cantact us. Support

Movifox Documentation

  1. Installation
  2. Theme Settings and Usage
  3. Troubleshoot and Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Changes

1. Installation

Installing Theme

Before installing theme, ensure that WordPress 5+, PHP 5+, PHP 7+ are installed. Theme won't work unless those required softwares are installed. Now, you can start installing theme by choosing two ways:

Reccomended: Installing on Wordpress
  • Go to Wordpress Admin Appearance -> Themes.
  • Click "Add New" on Themes section.
  • Click "Install Theme" button.
  • Pick theme file and click Install Now button.
If installation on wordpress fails try using this way:
Other: Installation On Ftp

Theme Activation

When you install Wordpress theme it needs to be activated on WP Admin panel. If you installed theme go to WordPress > Appearance -> Themes, find Movifox theme and click on Activate link.

When you activate theme you will ve redirected to activation page. Enter your license number and finish your activation.

Theme Settings

After you activate theme "KeremiyaPanel" will appear. You need to click "Save Changes" button to save changes you have made here. Besides you can click "Reset Settings" button to go back to default settings.

Updating Theme

There are two ways to update theme. They are; updating on Wordpress or FTP.

Important: Don't forget to backup before updating theme. (Backup)
1.) Update On Wordpress
  • Go to "Appearance > Themes" and activate any another template temporarily.
  • To delete "Movifox" theme you backed up drag your mouse on "theme picture" and click "Delete" button.
  • Install your new theme file on wordpress as mentioned above. (See here to install theme.)
2.) Update on FTP.
  • Go to FTP > WP-Content > Themes page.
  • Upload new theme files into "Movifox" directory you backed up.
  • Go to wordpress panel and ensure that theme is updated, there is nothing else to do.

Theme Settings and Usage

This section includes information about theme settings. If you have problem about usage or want to get information read here.

Homepage Settings

Required settings for homepage are below.

Homepage View

Default homepage settings can be seen on demo page. Activate "Home Builder" setting to customize homepage.

"Recent Movies" Setting

This setting can be used to list recent movies on homepage.

"Home Builder" Setting

This setting can be used to create movies on homepage according to your choice with using 7 different components.

Homepage List View

You can set view type of movies that will be shown on homepage.

Column Number

You can set column number with this setting. It is the number of movies that will be laid out.

Movie Number

It sets the the number of movies that will be shown on homepage.

Movie of the day

You can activate this setting when you enter "POST ID" of the content you want to pick as the movie of the day.
Example of Finding ID : While you are editing a movie url is seen as here: ?post= number you see here is the ID number of movie.
http://www.siteadress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post= 771 &action=edit

Adding Movie

We advice you to take a look at usage of part system to add movie.

In new part system "Language", "Quality" can be added to titles with using "comma". Example;
<!--title:Tab 1, English, 720p--> Tab 1 Content <!--nextpage--><!--title:Tab 2, English Subtitle, 1080p--> Tab 2 Content <!--nextpage--><!--title:Tab 3, any language you want, any quality you want--> Tab 3 Content
If you deactivated Part system on KeremiyaPanel you can't add Language and quality choices.
Creating Gallery

While adding featured image, upload all images that you want to add into the gallery in order. Theme will automatically detect all images you have uploaded.

Related Movies

For example there are more than one contents related to "Batman" movie on your website. You want to match these movies with each other. Follow these steps to do this.

  1. Go to WordPress > Posts > Add New / edit > KeremiyaPanel.
  2. Click KeremiyaPanel > Details tab.
  3. Enter a unique name in related movies field. For example: "Batman Series"
  4. Do this on all movies related to Batman. All movies including "Batman Series" will be matched.
Batman Series is an example. You can use any name you want.
Related News

As mentioned above you can follow same steps for related news.

KeremiyaPanel Adding Content

You can use KeremiyaPanel to add details about the movie. Details like director,cast,subject can be added via this panel.

Page Templates

There are 7 templates in Movifox theme. These templates will appear automatically after theme activation.

Settings Template

It enables you to create a page that members can edit their videos,details and passwords.

Login Template

It enables you to create a page that members can login.

Signup Template

It enables to create a page for signing up to your website.

Activation Template

It is a page template that registered users can activate their accounts.

Archive Template

It is a page template that you can list all videos on your website.

Cantact Template

It is a page template that people can contact you.

Navigation / Menu Settings

If you don't add menu Movifox will add "Movie Archive, Write to Use and News" pages to menu automatically.

  • If you want to add menu for Header ; select Menu Settings > Theme Position => Keremiya Header Menu
  • If you want to add menu for Footer ; select Menu Settings > Theme Position => Keremiya Footer Menu

  • Short Codes

    What is <!--nextpage--> code?

    You can split movies into pages with this code. It is used as mentioned below:

    Content 1 <!--nextpage--> Content 2 <!--nextpage--> Content 3
    What is <!--title: --> code?

    You can give names to pages with this code. Example; One Part, Alternative etc. It is used as mentioned below.

    Content 1 <!--nextpage--><!--title:One Part, Language, Quality--> One Part Content <!--nextpage--><!--title:Alternative, Language, Quality--> Alternative Content

    If you want to add extra information to titles you can seperate with "comma (;)" and add it. Example;

    <!--title:One Part, Turkish, HD-->
    Theme Player

    Note: This player plays only public videos, .flv, .mp4 video files and youtube videos.

  • file = Video file URL
  • image = Video image URL [player file="http://site.com/video.mp4" image="http://site.com/video.jpg"] [youtube id="EIASDKC"]
    NOTE: IFRAME codes doesn't work.

    Sidebar and Widgets

    There are 9 sidebar areas. You can create customized sidebars such as content,homepage,category,archive,member etc. for pages.

    + Keremiya Categories

    It enables you to list appropriate categories for movifox theme on sidebar.

    + Keremiya Facebook Like Box

    You can create like box of your facebook page on sidebar.

    Theme Language and Translation

    Please read this part carefully to add different language or edit languages.

    Adding Language
    1. Find "original.php" file in Movifox > "lang" folder. This is the language file of theme. Translation content is in this file.
    2. Save as "Language code (language shortcode).php" of language you want to add. Example: For English en_EN.php , for French fr_FR.php
    3. Go to "Wordpress Admin > Settings > General => Site License" and pick your language to activate new language file.
    Editing Languages

    Open language file you want to edit in Movifox > "lang" folder. Add your words near Turkish words.

    'Paylaş' => 'Share', 'Anasayfa' => 'Homepage',
    Important: Your words must be between quotation marks " " or ' ' . If you make mistakes your language file will be corrupted.
  • 5. Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

    I get 404 error on Profile/Member pages ?

    Follow these steps to solve this problem.
    1. Go to "Wordpress Admin > Settings > Permalinks".
    2. Click on "Save Changes" button.
    3. It will be solved.

    E-mail can't be sent via contact etc. pages?

    There are many reasons if e-mail isn't sent. However, probably PHPMail function isn't active or yada your hosting provider limited permissions to send e-mail.
    • Your host may not support PHPMail. You need to contact your hosting provider.
    • Your hosting provider may not give permisson to send e-mail to e-mail providers (gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com etc.), ou need to contact your hosting provider.
    • E-mails may be in Spam folder.
    • You may wrote wrong e-mail address on KeremiyaPanel.

    SEO Plugins and Movifox ?

    When you use a SEO plugin deactivate keremiya seo settings.
    Go to WordPress > KeremiyaPanel > Seo page, you can deactivate on this page.

    How do I add image on profile ?

    Wordpress is working with Gravatar for member images. Signup Gravatar.com with email address that you used while signing up your website. After you have signep up Gravatar login and upload your image to gravatar. Your image will be shown on your theme profile page and on your comments after you have uploaded your image.


    = 1.3 - 1.09.2020 * English language file has been added. * Some bug fixes and improvements. = 1.2 - 13.08.2020 * Fix and improvement for WordPress 5.5 version. = 1.1 - 12.11.2018 * New Part System has been added. * Some bug fixes and improvements. = 1.0 - 16.10.2018 * Movifox 1.0 version has been published.